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Baby Feeding Games

Posted By: gwb

Feeding your baby is a game unto itself. Some days, baby eats great and you feel like a world champion parent. Other days, you get food all over you, baby is crying - mass frustration. For many parents, feeding the baby can be the ultimate challenge. However, we have some ideas that can make it fun - thus we have our baby feeding games! Most of these activities work best in the high chair. We have broken them down in to three main themes - making baby laugh, distracting baby, and making baby copy you.

Tactic #1: Making Baby Laugh
Ok, your baby has to open his mouth in order to the food in, right? The idea here is to make your baby laugh, sneak in the food, then repeat. Of course, don't be *too* funny or the food will end up back on you. Things that work well include one-handed peekaboo, funny faces or fast head shaking, mini puppets, funny songs and rhymes, or just being silly in general. You probably know what makes him laugh, so build up your repetoire. One classic here that every parent has tried would be the spoon equals airplane game - flying the spoon around like an airplane and ultimately landing it in baby's mouth (though usually a better baby game for boys).

Tactic #2: Distracting Baby
Similar to tactic one, distracting baby involves you bringing along baby's favorite toys or playthings to the table (we advise against the tv though). Many babies are easily distracted or amused by a toy they really like - to the point where they will eat without fuss while distracted. Cars, spinning wheels, or toys that make noise often work well here. One word of advice - only bring items that are easily cleaned, nothing with fur or cloth!

Tactic #3: Baby Imitates Mom or Dad
A final baby feeding activity you can try is the old monkey see monkey do, or copycat, activity. At this age, most babies love to copy mom or dad. What you do here is bring a snack of your own - say a few fruit slices, dry cereal, or your own portion of yogurt. Take a bite, say "mmmm - now [your baby's name] turn!" or "one for mama, one for [your baby's name]". The airplane spoon game works well here as well, except you land the first one in your mouth, then imitate with baby's spoonful of food.

Of course, there is no guarantee these will work, but surely worth a try. Some babies are notoriously stubborn and cannot be tricked into eating. Also, these tend to work better with foods they recognize. We do not recommend trying to sneak in some new food they don't like or have not tried - if you have a baby that "holds a grudge", the gig is up and they go on an eating strike.

If you have other baby eating games or activities, please let us know - we are sure many of you have gotten really creative!