is a compilation of developmental and fun baby games and baby activities from 0-15 months.  Covers brain building, language, social, and movement baby games.  Games also sorted by age.

Copycat Two

Your baby is probably at the stage where she likes to copy older people, whether it be adults, toddlers or older children. Since this is a great way for your baby to learn, this imitation baby game will help further develop her language and vocabulary skills as well as hand eye coordination.

This baby activity is fairly self-explanatory. However, instead of just movements, be sure to add singing, whistling and counting. You can open your mouth wide or purse your lips, clap your hands, practice waving, shake or nod your head, or cover your ears and eyes. Babies find different things amusing so try a lot of things.

Your baby is very observant so really start to watch what you say and do, or imitation may backfire against you!

Learning and Development Skills:

  • Language Development and Vocabulary
  • Movement, Motor Skills and Hand Eye Coordination