is a compilation of developmental and fun baby games and baby activities from 0-15 months.  Covers brain building, language, social, and movement baby games.  Games also sorted by age.

Baby's Goody Boxes

Your baby is probably very curious by this age, so providing goody boxes will satisfy his curiousity while also building problem solving abilities. You will need several small boxes (shoe and gift boxes are most convenient) and toys or other small items that your baby enjoys. Ideally, the boxes all look different so your baby can distinguish them each time.

Place various items in each box and close the lid. Place them around your baby's play area and show them to your baby. Identify a box as closed ("See, a closed box.") and encourage him to open it. Praise him with a "Good job, you opened it!" then let him remove and play with the objects. After a few minutes help him put the toys back and close the box. Repeat the baby activity with the other boxes.

It is ideal to place the same items in each box as your baby will eventually remember which items go in each box. As he gets older, you can even ask him which box holds a specific item.

As your baby gets to know the boxes and items, you can try a variation of the game. Leave the items on the floor then let him put them back in the correct boxes. Be sure to congratulate him on each correct item!

Learning and Development Skills:

  • Cognitive, Problem Solving and Memory