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Hidden Music

This baby game is like hide and seek with music. It will help develop your baby's problem solving and cognitive abilities with the added bonus of some crawling exercise. You will need a musical toy (electronic or windup) that your baby is familiar with and small enough to hide.

Initially, start the musical toy and hide it under a sheet or blanket that will be fairly easy for your baby to hear and spot. Ask him, "Do you hear that? Where could the music be?" You may have to assist him or crawl around with him to find it. Praise your baby when he uncovers the toy with a "Good job, you found it!" As he becomes more adept, you can hide the toy in more difficult to find places like under pillows, behind furniture or under the bed.

As your baby gets older, he may even want to try hiding the toy himself! Humor him for a while and do not find the toy too easily - when you do finally uncover it, be sure to make it a big production!

Learning and Development Skills:

  • Cognitive, Problem Solving and Memory