is a compilation of developmental and fun baby games and baby activities from 0-15 months.  Covers brain building, language, social, and movement baby games.  Games also sorted by age.

Riding Toy Introduction

Around 10 months, you may want to buy your baby her first riding toy. One thing to note is that is very difficult to know when your baby can handle a riding toy. She does not need to know how to walk, but should already have good balance and should be able to support her feet while sitting on the toy. It is a good baby activity to develop your baby's movement and motor control.

Baby Riding Toy You first want to see if your baby is comfortable on the riding toy. In a carpeted area, place your baby on the riding toy while holding her steady. If your baby does not protest, you can gently move her around the carpet and say, "Look, we're moving" or "Let's go over there!". Spend the first several sessions supporting her while riding.

Once your baby has good balance and is comfortable on the riding toy, you can encourage her to try motoring herself around the room. Soon, your baby will be cruising along happily.

If your baby rejects or cries the first time you place her on the riding toy, wait a day or two then try again. It takes many babies time to get used to the new sitting position. Also, if you plan on progressing to outdoor use, be sure to buy a baby safety helmet in case of spills!

Learning and Development Skills:

  • Movement, Motor Skills and Hand Eye Coordination