is a compilation of developmental and fun baby games and baby activities from 0-15 months.  Covers brain building, language, social, and movement baby games.  Games also sorted by age.

Counting Situps

This is a fun baby game that will build anticipation skills as well as give your baby some exercise! Your baby should be able to hold her head up, this usually happens around the 3rd month. Still, this game will be fun even into the later months.

Lie your baby down on a soft flat surface such as the bed or blanket on the carpet. Hold on to your baby's hands and wrists then count, "One, two, three, Up!" Gently pull your baby up to a sitting position. Smile and lower your baby back to the lying position then repeat. After several repetitions your baby will anticipate the ride up. You can alter the count to add some variation.

Again, be sure your baby can support her head and neck before doing this activity.

Learning and Development Skills:

  • Cognitive, Problem Solving, and Memory